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The New Benchmark for Diode Lasers

How can superior technology be improved? By making it more versatile to use while preserving all proven properties.

The new Laserline LDF diode laser of the 6th generation sets new standards for industrial applications in the multi-kilowatts range: with more power, more mobility, more efficiency and easier maintenance.

The New LDF platform – Thinking into the future

With the new LDF series, Laserline is setting new benchmarks for high power diode lasers. Devices with over 20 kW laser power are set on sturdy castors and can be placed by a single employee right next to a production line or moved to different locations – a unique benefit. All you need is electricity, water and optical fibers – and the laser is ready for use at its new location. Thanks to permanent development of our proven active diode cooling technology, up to 25 kW laser power can now be accommodated in a mobile laser system with only one cubic meter volume.

Modular concept

Whether power, cooling or equipment: The new LDF series can be individually configured and adapted to changing requirements. The systems are available with internal or external cooling system. With these Laserline chillers, perfectly aligned to the product line and fully integrated in the control system, high power lasers can now be operated in less than 1.4 square meter footprint. Through the internal networking of all system components, faults can be diagnosed in real-time and resolved immediately

Intelligent System Control

An industrial, latest-generation Ethernet network combines the system components and interfaces with the central control unit, which monitors the entire process in real time. The two-stage fault management system displays warning and error messages, identifies causes and guides the user directly to efficient troubleshooting where appropriate. All information is available at any time: on the mobile control panel directly on the laser, via network connection in a control center, as well as over secured remote access.

Optical specification

Max. output power 3,500 W 5,000 W 7,000 W 11,000 W 16,000 W 25,000 W
Minimum beam quality 20 mm∙mrad 30 mm∙mrad 40 mm∙mrad 60 mm∙mrad 100 mm∙mrad 200 mm∙mrad
Optical fiber 400 μm

[NA 0.1]
600 μm

[NA 0.1]
400 μm

[NA 0.2]
600 μm

[NA 0.2]
1,000 μm

[NA 0.2]
2,000 μm

[NA 0.2]
Other laser output powers available, tailored to the applications.
Min. focus at f = 150 mm 300 μm 450 μm 600 μm 900 μm 1.5 mm 3 mm
Fiber length 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 50 m, 100 m and more on request
Fiber-coupling unit LLK-D/Auto, LLK-B/15 mm up to 4 kW on request
Power stability <+/- 2 % over 2 hours
Wavelength range 900 nm to 1,070 nm
 Mechanical specification
VG Power Weight approx. 600 kg, dimensions: 950 x 770 x 1,700 mm³ (L x W x H) (except at 20 kW)
VG Flex Weight approx. 800 kg, dimensions: 1,220 x 1,100 x 1,750 mm³ (L x W x H)
 Connection data
Voltage 360 – 480 V, 3 phase, PE, 50 or 60 Hz
Power connector CEE 32A-6h CEE 32A-6h CEE 32A-6h CEE 32A-6h CEE 32A-6h
Power consumption at nom.
Power, approx.
12 kW 16 kW 21 kW 30 kW 39 kW 62.5 kW
Cooling requirements, max. 8.5 kW 11 kW 14 kW 19 kW 32 kW 37.5 kW
Cooling lines, tab water 19 mm inner diameter tubing with quick disconnect lines (only 25,000 W without disconnect)
External inputs Digital 24 V, analog power control 0-10 V, safety interlocks
 Operating conditions
Temperature 10 – 45 °C operational, 5 – 65 °C storage
Humidity max. 75 % @ 25 °C, with humidity protection max. 85 % @ 35 °C
Protection rating IP54
Safety class Laser safety class 4 according to EN60825-01
Interface PROFINET, Interbus-S, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP
Beam switch Time sharing or power sharing. 2 fibers (more configurations on request)
Optics Laserline optics or commercial optics for every application
Other Teleservice, pilot laser, pyrometer, CCD camera, software for PC, separate control panel, dust and humidity protection, water chiller with compressor, optics chiller
 Warranty and lifetime
Warranty 5 years on diode laser elements, 2 years on all other components
Diode cooling Active for highest power density and reliability
Uptime Typically >99.5 %

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