Additional components - Optics - Welding optics - Cladding optics - Hardening optics - Brazing optics

Versatile, Modular Optics

Flexible and modular. Our customers repeatedly testify that Laserline’s process optics play an integral role in their laser application’s success.

Available add-ons allow our customers to develop stable, sensor-controlled processes that ensure quality and repeatable manufacturing. The addition of a beam splitter cube enables the integration of sensors that gather information about the process. A pyrometer, using the radiation emitted during the process, controls the laser power and temperature. A CCD camera allows for safe observation of the process through a monitor. For processes like cladding and metal welding, our drawer style cover glass holder makes an exchange of cover glasses quick and easy, even in hard to reach systems.

Easy to swap at the end of the optical fiber, our optics can shape the beam into almost any geometrical form.


Welding optics

  • Rectangular and circular focus possible
  • Typical applications: heat conduction and deep penetration welding of metals and alloys,    non-metals
  • Extension: welding with wire feed and seam tracking
  • Expansion: Integrated welding sensors, CCD camera, protective glass monitoring, cross jet, shielding gas nozzles, pressure finger or roller




Cladding optics

  • Rectangular and circular focus possible
  • Typical applications: Cladding (powder)
  • Coaxial powder feed nozzles with different geometries, integrated shielding gas supply and cooling
  • Protective glass drawer for easy replacement
  • Extension: 3d capability to 90 ° deflection of the optics
  • Expansion: Integrated sensors for process monitoring







Hardening optics

  • Rectangular, line and square focus possible
  • Typical applications include surface treatment, e.g. tape laying and wrapping, surface hardening, welding edge band (Laser Edging)
  • Extension: motorized focus adjustment with “zoom lens”
  • Application-specific optimized Homogenizer optics with different foci, such as 40 x 8, 20 x 10 or 15 x 15 mm ²
  • Expansion: pyrometer, CCD camera, zoom lens with manual adjustment

homogener_spot_1  linienspot homogener_spot_2


Brazing head

  • Rectangular and circular focus possible
  • Typical applications: brazing of metals and in BIW
  • Integrated wire feed with controlled wire feed and gas supply
  • Seam tracking with additional wire and focus position adjustment
  • Extension: Tactile or camera guided seam tracking
  • Expansion: Cross jet, protective glass monitoring, CCD camera, crash sensor, protective glass monitoring